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Jax Sod is the only sod company in Jacksonville with a team of expert sod installers and quality tools to refurbish your garden using premium quality grass sods.

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Our Sod Installation Services in Jacksonville

We are a trusted and dedicated team in the town offering services at commercial and residential properties.


Residential Sod Installation Service

Are you tired of experimenting with different seeding grass for coverage and still not getting the desired look? Jax Sod is the ultimate destination for instantly altering your residential yards into flourishing gardens. Our high-quality sod will surprisingly boost the financial worth of the property. Moreover, you can have customized sod selections according to your needs. Click the button below to learn more about our residential sod services.


Commercial Sod Installation Service

Commercial sod installation can turn your monotonous workspace into productive and eye-catchy surroundings. Moreover, the Commercial Sod Installation in Jacksonville demands the least maintenance approaches. Jax Sod- Jacksonville Sod Supplier has versatile sods suitable for your commercial zones. We have customized plans for variable commercial categories, which can make the vacant areas functional.

Best Sod Company in Jacksonville

Sod installation includes two significant procedures. Jax Sod takes responsibility for land preparation and installation of compatible sod according to the ground. Our team suggests multiple sod types and settles the topsoils for effortless establishment. Our premium quality sod is more than just grass; durability has paid you off for years. Within a few days, you can have an evenly filled garden/yard optimized and designed on your outlines. Also, we are proud to offer our sod replacement services in Jacksonville at affordable prices.

Jax Sod-Jacksonville Sod Company has a customized plan for each project. We evaluate the location with experts in the field before finalizing the sod type for the plane. After evaluation, the team suggests the types and procedure plans to clients with transparent budget outlines. The strains used in the production of the sod we install are highly tolerant to extreme conditions. Hence, the sod does not need high-profile maintenance and reduces the gardening cost. 

Reliability, customization, and premium quality sods are critical features of our service. With peace of mind, you can have an investment that will ultimately add aesthetics and value to your home. Making it more functional and utilizing spaces you never expected to have such a  lively atmosphere. 

Sod Company in Jacksonville

Sod Installation Near Me in Jacksonville, fl

Searching for the “best sod installation near me in Jacksonville, FL”! Congratulations, the search is over. We have been providing sod installation services in Jacksonville, FL for a long time. We genuinely believe in customers’ references and demands; thus, our professional sod installation team will lend their best services to your doorstep with a single call.

We never fail to the trust that our premium customers have in us. Moreover, our service is dedicated to sod installation. Our strengths are due to our acquaintance with the locality and ground realities. Significant experience in the field, especially in Jacksonville, helped us shortlist the most compatible magic sods with a high success percentage. Qualified experts and premium quality tools for the process make the sod installation simple yet effective.

Sod Installation Services Jacksonville FL

Types of Sod We Provide

The uniqueness of Jax Sod is due to the premium quality sod we install. We have variable sods systems that have exceptional results. Each sod is recommended to meet the specific need of the occurrence. Commercial sods need more tolerant traits that are good for dense traffic. In contrast, residential sods should be functional. For instance, the sod grass in the garden must be playground compatible. Softer, velvety, and coverage are essential traits for sods. Hence, we have the following types of sods (rolls) for installation.

1) St. Augustine Sod

The weather in Florida is almost stable, but due to beachside, the attacks of bugs destroy the grass coverage. Hence, installing sod with bug-resistant traits is essential to survive the infestations. St. Augustine Sod is the most compatible Sod for residential as well as commercial land coverage in Jacksonville. The thick grass blades are round at the top and thinner at the base. Tolerance to high temperatures, lowest to 10 degrees, and tolerance to coastal saline soil make it the most compatible type of St Augustine sod in Jacksonville, FL.

2) Zoysia Sod

Jax Sod also recommends and works with zoysia sod in Jacksonville, FL. The Sod is suitable for warm seasons. However, it performs well in warmer areas but also endures cooler weather. Moreover, it can grow well in shady areas and is hence the perfect choice for coverage under dense trees. We like it for commercial sod installation because of its tolerance to drought and other environmental stressors. The softer feel of the large grassy blades makes it suitable for sandy, clay, and loamy soils. The coastlines of the USA are perfect territory for the Zoysia Grass establishment. Moreover, the self-healing capability makes it perfect for sod installation.

3) Bermuda Sod

The Bermuda Sod Jacksonville, FLare is suitable for homeowner laws and turfgrass for land coverage of sports fields. In the warm weather, perennial grass grows adequately in the high-temperature zones. The grass is highly durable and establishes promptly in the soil. You can frequently mow your garden after installing Bermuda sod in your yard. However, it demands constant trimming and might invade the other parts. Like most sods, it can tolerate drought and other conditions. Easy to grow, quick recovery and saline soil tolerance are some critical features that make it perfect for your garden sod.

4) Bahia Sod

Bahia Sod is creeper grass that creeps on the ground levels and does not grow much taller. The popularity of the grass is its drought enduing capacity in harsher climates. Bahia sod Jacksonville, FL, is an all-purpose grass equally suitable for residential and commercial sod installation. The extensive root system establishes in low fertile grass and needs low-profile maintenance. Infestation resistant and repels fungal actions, Bahia Sod, becomes good for the garden with dense engagement.

Why Choose Jax Sod for Sod Installation in Jacksonville FL?

Choose Jax Sod Services

The interior and aesthetics of the homes play an important role in creating a serene and peaceful environment. If you have a small place, Jax Sod in Jacksonville FL is your best option.

We have been providing sod installation services in Jacksonville, FL, and worldwide for a long time. We truly believe in clients’ references and demands; Thus, as professional sod installation contractors will deliver our best services at your doorstep with a single call.

Not only for your homes, but our sod company in Jacksonville also provides the best sod installation services at commercial places. The sod for commercial areas is a little harder to maintain because it is planted in areas where the soil is barren or eroded to salt logging. It needs proper installation measures and care afterward, so the sod is not damaged. The beachy shores of Jacksonville make it more difficult for the grass to flourish. But you do not need to worry about these things anymore, as Jax Sod has developed an excellent and long-term solution to this problem.

Another great reason to choose us is that, compared to other sod installation companies in Jacksonville, Jax Sod provides you with its best residential and commercial sod installation services at very reasonable rates with high-end quality.

Here are some of the reasons why you choose Jax Sod if you are in Jacksonville, Fl:

  • Provides both residential and commercial sod services.
  • Removing eroded or depleted soil.
  • Maintenance of our installed sod at your homes and workplaces.
  • High-graded equipment and skilled professionals for the job.
  • Long-term results and budget-friendly packages.

Our Sod Installation Process

The sod installation is typically considered a landscaping project. And the process of sod installation can be tricky if it is a steep slope, a small balcony at your home, or barren land anywhere in Jacksonville where average growth is difficult. We know that the customers have a rough idea and want the sod to be installed according to their preferences, and we try to be flexible as much as possible. But you must consider proper installation and place important for healthy growth, so if you want to flourish your sod, you must trust our process and believe in our expertise.

Otherwise, there are chances that the grass can wilt, and the sod installation company cannot be blamed for that. To give you a proper insight into the process, we have explained the sod process in simple steps.

Area Inspection

The primary step to start our installation process is properly inspecting the property. Our inspection team visits the area personally to have a rough idea of the area diameter, the nature of the soil, and geographic factors that will influence the growth of the sod. You can send over the information by yourself, but we prefer to visit the site so that we can give our best to give you a perfect, greener, healthier grass patch at your place.

Clearance of Old Grass

Our team visits your workplace or homes by themselves to see the area’s situation. If any older grass or eroded soil is present that can deteriorate the new grass, we will remove the soil’s upper layer that properly uses modern equipment and tools. Soil depletion is a critical step in the sod installation process, as the health of the sod depends on the soil’s quality. The previous soil or grass may spread disease to your new grass, which can be problematic, so we remove the old top layer of the soil and fix the roots of the new sod in a healthy soil base.

Land Levelling in Sod

After we have dug the soil enough to bring out the nutrient-rich soil on the top, the next step is soil leveling. It is a crucial step as uneven soil surface will elevate some areas of the grass, and some areas will be in a pit. This water may accumulate in those holes damaging the average growth of grass in those areas. If the sod is installed on leveled grass later, the roots will hold stronger and survive better during drought conditions. Our team does not ignore these minor details’ importance and takes the proper time to surface the ground at an even level.

Sod Installation

The final step is the sod installation at your place after proper inspection, soil clearance, and surfacing. Our expert team will adjust the shape of the sod according to your place and fix it properly so that the roots can adjust to the new ground. The growth of the sod in the next four weeks depends on your proper care, like watering the grass appropriately, approximately once per day or twice, depending on the season, and using good quality fertilizers that will flourish the average growth of grass. Our sod installation company in Jacksonville follows all the steps to give you a healthy, lush green lawn.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Walking with hard sole shoes on freshly installed sod can damage the sod. However, barefoot and light walking immediately after installation is not concerning. However, waiting for a few days is good until the roots get established.

In Jacksonville, sod installation is in high demand. Seeding grass takes time and effort to establish, whereas the success rate of sod establishment is safe and budget efficient. Jax Sod provides necessary consultation and suggests the sod with compatible features.

The sod installation, when performed professionally, takes no time to establish. Preparing grounds and installing the sod strains appropriate for the topsoil helps establish the sod.

Sod installation in Jacksonville is becoming popular due to the coastal impacts of weather. The maintenance of the Sod is much more convenient and low budget compared to other landscaping forms. 

Spring is the right time for any type of sod to establish quickly. Fall months are also good but delayed fall may result in delayed results. The soil has good irrigation, and free drainage and moderate temperatures are suitable for sods.

The cost of sod installation depends on various factors like the type of sod, climate, and total area. Usually, it starts from $5000 (approximately). Please call us to know the exact cost.

We accept payments via Cash and Personal Check only.

Why install Sod instead of seeding your lawn?

Why install Sod

You enjoy seeing lush green grass in your backyard. However, growing a picture-perfect lawn from seed is not as easy as it sounds. In contrast, it takes time and patience. This is where Jax Sod steps in to breathe new life into your monotonous occurrence. With a variety of Sod available, you can have a surrounding of your choice. But why seeding is not a suitable option, let’s discover to make the decision much clearer and more authentic.

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Grass Seeding Lands

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