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When to Lay Sod in Florida?

Sod installation is a quick yet expensive way to establish the lawn. However, when installed at the wrong time, it can cause sod to either wilt or die without establishing the roots in the ground. When to lay sod in Florida really depends on the climate and temperature.

Laying Sod in the optimum condition will make your lawn flourish within a few weeks. Although sod installation is the right way to attain a lavish and evenly level garden, it needs care and suitable timing. So if you are planning to get a smooth and lavish garden, then besides selecting the suitable sod type, pay attention to the season to install sod.

Here is how it works in Florida to get the optimum growth of freshly installed sod.

When to lay sod in Florida

What is the Peak Growing Season of the Sod Variant?

There are multiple types of sods, and each sod has its specific installation season. In general, new sod roots well in spring and early summer. But you can also select the sod type suitable for the weather condition.

Laying Sod in spring

Some sods roots successfully in the spring, but one must know a few important facts for laying Sod in the spring.

Recurring Freeze:
The temperature drop in the spring can decline the sod rooting in the season. Keep a record of the weather forecast before installing the sod, and be sure there is no uncertain drop in temperature.

Early Hot:
The early in the mid of spring can also wilt the roots and damage the sod. Therefore, in case of a temperature drop, maintain the moisture to avoid a decline in rooting pace. Early hot can also damage the sod surface and leave empty/dry patches.

A professional sod installation company can help select suitable sod according to climate and soil type. The sod installed by the experts is fruitful and yields a high success rate compared to sod installed without supervision.

Spring Compatible Sod Types

Most spring-compatible sods are the type of Sod that thrives in moderate temperatures. The sods suitable for spring with occasional spells of low temperature are;

  • Bermuda grass
  • Centipede grass
  • St. Augustine.
  • Zoysia.
  • Tall Fescue

Summer and Early Fall Sod Installation

The early fall and late summer and relatively warmer, but the frequent rains make it suitable for sod installation. The steady watering schedule and proper maintenance make the sod establishment smooth and successful. Hence, the ideal time in Florida to install Sod is early fall or late summer. 

Maintain Moisture:
During summertime, you need to maintain the moisture in the soil with a proper irrigation system. A steady watering schedule will make the roots establish quickly in the soil. However, summertime is not an ideal time for the sod installation but if it’s unavoidable, ensure the dampness is 3-4 inches on the soil. 

Fertilize Lawn :
Due to rain, the topsoil runs out of essential nutrients in the summer season. Therefore, additional rain and watering spells necessitate excessive fertilizer for better growth and quick establishment. 

You can choose Jax Sod– A Florida-based company with a team of experts in sod installation. They are highly experienced and know everything about sod. They can help you select the best climate-fit sod for your residential or commercial area.

Summer Compatible Sod Type

warm-season season grass is the compatible spring sods. It includes;

  • Bahia Grass
  • EreOphiuroideaiuroides
  • Bermuda
  • Kentucky bluegrass

Wrapping up When to Lay Sod in Florida

After a detailed discussion regarding “when to lay sod in Florida,” you must have understood when and how to plan the sod installation program. The sod in Florida usually establishes successfully if installed at the optimum conditions and with accurate methods. So, if you plan to install sod in your garden, backyard or office, ensure the season is suitable for the sod and the sod type is compatible with the soil.

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