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When to Fertilize New Sod ?

Sod is an innovation in housekeeping technology and a convenient method to make your lawn look more attractive. It is quite easy to install sod, but the job does not end at this point. You need to take proper care for better results. Taking care includes watering the sod and giving it the right fertilizer. But the question is when to fertilize new sod.

The sod comes in square patches. You need to fix it to your prepared soil and ground so that it may settle down and the roots make their place in your ground. After the sod installation, it takes around fourteen days to settle in the roots. Between the fourteen days, make sure you provide the right amount of water in the evening so the roots can grow in the presence of moisture and nutrients. After the incubation period, mow the lawn precisely, so you do not damage the baby roots.

When to fertilize new sod

When to Fertilize the Lawn for Maximum Yields

Besides the moisture and mowing the lawn sod, it is also imperative to fertilize the grass, so it gets all the nutrients and grows appropriately. Fertilizer is the fuel for sod, but knowing the right time to do the job is integral. Many landscapers have various viewpoints about the perfect time to lay new sod and fertilize it.

According to gardeners, a sod needs the most nutrition when it is just about to make its place in the soil. At this time, a boost of nutrition will help the roots grow and firmly grab the mud to intake nourishment. You should start to fertilize the lawn sod just from the day you plant to get the best results and enhance the look of your garden.

What Fertilizer Is Good For New Sod?
There are multiple fertilizers available in the market, but all of them would not be the right choice for the growth of your lawn. It is better to use liquid fertilizer for a newly installed sod. The liquid fertilizer can easily penetrate the soil, reach the grassroots in no time, and help them grow by becoming their first food. It is better to avoid a fertilizer with more amount of nitrogen and use a fertilizer with more potassium and phosphorus. They give more strength to the roots and help them establish. 

Tips To Take Care of a New Sod

New lawn sod is like a baby. You have to take proper care once you have done laying sod. Here are a few tips to help you grow a perfect sod.

Use a Lawn Roller

Once you install the new sod, moving a roller over the lawn is very important. The roller will aid the sod in settling down and helps the roots to make their place. For proper sod care, you can contact Jax Sod for their residential sod services as they are expert sod installers in Jacksonville.

Mow at the Right Time

Everyone loves to mow the lawn as it enhances the beauty of your lawn. But we recommend you not mow the lawn instantly after installing the sod. It is better to avoid putting any pressure on the new sod. Pressure can damage the roots and retard their growth.

Avoid To Overwater

Never overwater your lawn before or after installing the new sod. Excessive moisture can make it challenging to capture mud firmly. Keep the lawn moist so the grass does not dry up. It is recommended to water your lawn for ten minutes twice a day.


Sod immediately changes the look of your lawn and is decorative, yet it comes with all the benefits of green grass. It is soothing for the eyes and better for health. If you do not have them in the garden area, install them now. Taking proper care of installed sod is also an essential task. Hence, we shared an article on when to fertilize new sod for better growth. Go through the article and share it with others if you like it.

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