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How Much Does It Cost To Install Sod?

Sod installation is a valuable investment worth raising the outlook and value of the property. The alternative option of seeding is expensive and has an uncertain success rate. Therefore, the first thing a sod installer performs after surveying the ground condition is calculating how much does it cost to install sod in the given area.

If you want an affordable transformation of your backyard, lawn, or sports avenues, read to the end to get the most customized package.

How much does it cost to install sod

How Much Does It Cost To Install Sod [Own a Nice Lawn on Budge]

A flourished lawn is a way to boost the value of your property with a minor investment. Builders and constructors use the strategy to get the maximum ROI compared to investment. The seeded lawn takes 2-3 years to mow a lawn evenly. However, Sod takes only 2-3 weeks to establish the roots, and the success rate is even higher than seeded lawns.

The self-installation of average sod cost per square foot is $0.30-$0.83. However, when performed by a professional, it costs $0.87 to $1.76 per square foot. The companies like Jax Sod are leading in installing sod with high-quality sod and efficient labor. You may find the most suitable packages for your exclusive sods.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Sod Installation:

The Sod Type

Quality sod with a high success rate and premium look adds some percentage to your investment. However, it also adds value to your property, but quality sods are expensive compared to common sods. Bahia is the low cost, and St. Augustine is the most costly sod. 

Total Area Coverage

The coverage area also affects the cost of sod per square foot.  The average price depends on the size that needs coverage. Almost half acre yard costs around $6000 to $13000, and labor of around $2000 to $7000 for installation. The mentioned rate may vary and depends on a few other factors. However, more enormous grounds, such as Sports Avenue and school grounds, get customized rates for well-defined dimensions.

Land Type

The first step before installing sod is to prepare the land for sod installation. The land in Florida is good for the sod to establish when the soil is ready for it. The pre-installation process includes preparing the area for the roots, and the rate of the process’s speed depends on the land’s condition. Usually, cemented or floored ground takes more effort and labor. Eventually, it increases the rate per sq. ft. Some of the standard procedures include; 

  • Soil Testing
  • Weed and Grass Removal
  • Maintaining Topsoil
  • Addition Fertilizer
Jax Sod is the best choice for sod installation in Jacksonville FL as they offer customized packages for both commercial and residential sods. You can customize the package according to your convenience.

Location and Access

The location affects the overall cost of sod installation. Conveniently accessible site for delivery vehicles and labor reduces costs compared to hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, it also depends on the location distance from sod installation service centers. 

Type of Location

Commercial sods are a bit expensive compared to residential sod installation services. Commercial locations are usually larger as compared to residential areas. Moreover, the sod in commercial areas is much more durable and low maintenance. The residential sods are generally high maintenance and give a softer look.

Sod installation Using DIY- How much does it cost to install Sod on your own?

If you plan to install sod on your own, it will save you the cost of labor. The average budget of self-installation is less than outsourcing, yet its time and energy-consuming. Moreover, the option is only suitable for someone familiar with gardening and planting. Otherwise, you may end up with low yields or wilted sods. 

Here is a quick overview of the DIY sod installation.

Material Cost
Sod $0.30- $0.80 Sq. Ft
Tape Measure $10
Lawn Roller (Rental) $14-$25
Shovel $24-$26
Garden Knife $10-$25
Sod Cutter (Rental) $64-$150 Per day
Wheelbarrow $90
Tamper $50
Rototiller (Rental) $53-$150
Fertilizer $50-$100
Fertilizer Spreader $60-$80

All the prices mentioned above may vary depending on the quality and seller.


When we answer “How much does it cost to install sod in FL,” the prices of sod installation significantly vary among different service providers. Self-service is not recommended as it will take time, time, and energy to install sod. Seeding lawns and yards are better if you are willing to do it yourself. However, outsourcing sod installation is a wise decision as it includes consultation and expertise of experienced sod installers and reduces the chances of failure or low yields.

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