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How Long to Water a New Sod after Installation?

Many people lack a basic understanding to care for sod after installation eventually, which results in losing the sod patches. Watering schedules are a decisive factor for successful root establishment. Here is a detailed guide on How Long to Water Sod After Installation over the first two to three months. Although it is much easier than seeding yet first few weeks are crucial for the sod establishment. 

Hold on; do not downpour the sod with water, and maintain the irrigation.

After installation, the new sod must be watered for at least 45 minutes. It allows the soil and lawn to absorb moisture, aiding in germination. During the first few weeks after installation, each watering session should last at least twice daily for about 15-20 minutes.

How Long to Water Sod After Installation

How Much to Water Sod after Installation?

If you want to know how much water is too much water for your recently installed sod, as well as how much water is enough. Before you lay any sod down, the soil needs to be moist. Putting your sod down first and pouring all the water on top is not a good idea. Get a thick layer of water on the ground before putting the sod. Since you want the ground to be friendly and moist when you lay down your grass—not soggy or wet, but just moist enough to hold the soil, it will clump. 

Should I water more or stop here?

If you grab the clay and it separates right away and is simply sandy, you have to wait for it to dry; but, if you grab the clay and it comes together almost like clay, you can grab it right away. 

What to do Before Installing Sod?

Testing Soil

Before you add any fertilizer, make a few necessary changes. You can learn more about;

  • State of the soil
  • The best fertilizers to use
  • Need to change the pH
  • Allow a penetration for roots
A soil test will enable you to find the correct answers and plan strategies for the high yield.

Pre- Emergent strategy

The majority of people are considering applying a pre-emergent to their lawns. In terms of sod, you don’t have to put that pre-emergent on since it hasn’t yet been established. However, even if it is young and just beginning to grow, putting the pre-emergent on could cause some damage to those groups that are currently trying to grow. It would be a good idea to limit as much as possible the first year, except fertilizers, when caring for the sod. 

Just try to minimize any damage you can cause to the sod by putting it back as little as possible. 

Irrigation System

It would be best if you had an irrigation system. You must create a new system, whether you’re using sprinklers or an irrigation system. Usually, it’s relatively simple to prevent that seed from drying out with just a little water, but with this sod, you need to ensure that the water reaches the roots’ precise location. 

When it comes to commercial places, it becomes more complicated to deal with sod installation and its care due to large areas. But Jax Sod makes it easy with their commercial sod services in Jacksonville FL.

Watering New Sod

With new sod, you need to water it more often than seeded lawns. However, it also depends on the season and the type of sod you have selected for the yard. On rainy days you don’t have to flood it with water streams, but the right time and water levels affect the sod rooting. Jax Sod- sod installation service offers a customized schedule for watering the sod after installation.


The best practice for sod installation is to schedule things and prepare the maintenance systems ahead. Climatic and weather conditions of the location, such as humidity, temperature, arid, and rainfall, are critical factors. When outsourcing the sod installation, you must ask, “How Long to Water Sod After Installation” as the answer depends on the type of sod and weather conditions of the location.

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