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We offer low-maintenance commercial sod services at the most affordable rates. Versatile, affordable, and durable sods breathe new life into lifeless spaces with Commercial Sod Installation in Jacksonville.

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Our Commercial Sod Services in Jacksonville

Workspaces are places where employees spend significant time. The space’s aesthetic and positive aura affects the workforce’s productivity. Our Commercial Sod Services in Jacksonville, FL, is one of the most reliable sod installers in the town. We turn the barren and dreary surroundings into lavishly flourished aisles and corners. Our sods quickly establish on any grounds and need the least maintenance. Commercial sods are vulnerable to damage due to pedestrian exposures. Moreover, compared to residential sods, maintenance of commercial sods is difficult and may unnecessarily burden the budget. Therefore Jax Sods understand the need for the location and work accordingly.

Our Commercial Sod Services include;

  • Removing the low-quality or depleting grass
  • Grading the ground with topsoil compatible with in-demand sod type
  • Installing the Sod 
  • Maintenance until the Sod is established and attains natural growth
Now you don’t have to keep the cemented and paved grounds around the commercial buildings. Rather you can add significant value and aesthetics to your monochromatic grounds with our affordable commercial sod installation services. We offer services for sod installation at ;

  • Office Grounds
  • Parking Spaces 
  • Canteen
  • Shops
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Workshops and Factory areas
  • Landscapers
  • Business Complexes
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Athletic Turfs
Commercial Sod Jacksonville FL

Commercial Sod Installation Services in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a waterfront destination for tourists. However, 22 miles of beaches make it harder for the natural grassy coverage of the landscapes throughout the year. Jax Sodise is not only installing but also experts in producing sods that are compatible with the environment of Jacksonville. Hence, when you search for Commercial Sod Installation near me” in Jacksonville, you will ultimately find us at the top.

We are trusted in the town because of the connection and understanding of the ground realities while decoding the clients’ preferences. The ultimate outcomes are exponentially beneficial and convenient for the clients. Moreover, our presence at the time of need and maintenance is another important factor that makes us the most suitable choice for you in Jacksonville for sod installation services. Instead of wasting time, energy, and budget on random efforts, let us help you select the right plan and appropriate approach to achieve the makeover. Our services in the Jacksonville area are comprehensive and you don’t have to invest some extra bucks for transportation and delivery charges of the sods and other helping materials. The package we offer is comprehensive and includes the following; 

  • Premium Sod Rolls of variable dimensions
  • High-grade types of equipment for the process
  • Labor and experts
  • Consultation and analytical surveys
  • Clearing and Final Cleaning 
  • Maintenance till establishment

Commercial Sod Installation Services by Jax Sod

Benefits of Commercial Sod in Jacksonville FL

Using artificial turfs is costly and deteriorates with time. On the other hand, seeding grass is an extremely long-term process that demands professional handling and dedicated maintenance. Compared to both landscaping procedures mentioned earlier, the sod installation is the quickest yet most efficient way to get the velvety, clean and flourishing grassy grounds in no time.

Before investing in the sod installation process, you must know what to expect when you have sod in your garden or free spaces. Here are a few benefits of installing sod.

1] Season Independent:
Unlike seeding, sod installation is possible throughout the year. Regardless of season and climatic conditions, you can always have a trait of sod for your land. A professional landscaper can suggest land soil and weather-compatible sod.

2] Endure High Traffic:
Offices and commercial areas are exposed to relatively dense traffic at different times. Since turf gets damaged and seeding grass also depletes due to abrasion. However, sod is tolerant to high traffic and survives even young.

3] Customizable:
Grass seeding is not much well defined, especially at the initial stages. However, the sod installation quickly fills the landscape, as well as it has sharp boundaries and is perfect for shaping aisles and small patches on the vast ground. You expect the least weed pressure on the areas. You can have variable dimensions of the sod to install for coverage of specific land.

4] Least Maintenance and Low budget:
Expect a couple of initial weeks after sod installation; you don’t have too detailed maintenance of the sod. The strains used for the production of sod are tolerant to scarcity and can survive on their own. Therefore, you don’t have to manage the sod more often than seeding. Compared to seeding, its low-budget investment ultimately expands the value of your commercial site.

5] Even Growth and Erosion Protection:
The overall growth is at an even level, and you can mow the area a few weeks after installation. It gives sod a velvety even look and instantly grooms your garden or landscape. Effortlessly it beholds the soil and prevents erosion in case of rainfall or urban flooding.

Why Choose Us?

Our Commercial Sod Services

Jax Sod offers the most effective Commercial Sod Services in Jacksonville. Besides trust and ground reality abidance, a few prominent factors make us stand out in the town. Here is a quick checklist that will help you make the final decision for your investment.

  • Expert landscaper’s analytical surveys of your area
  • Consulting roadmap to achieve defined boundaries
  • Calculate and finalize the investment before the procedure
  • On-spot fixation at your ease
  • Variable types of Sod available according to soil
  • Grading soil for durable sod establishment
  • Premium quality Commercial Sod on a low budget.


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