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7 Best Places to Visit in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville, Florida, is a city on the Atlantic coast with abundant things to do and see. From cool museums and parks to breathtaking beaches, there is no shortage of attractions in Jacksonville. We’re here to give you the scoop on the 7 best places to visit in Jacksonville, FL (Florida).

This city (Jacksonville) is jam-packed with sights to see. It has multiple tourist sites. If you love crafts, art galleries are available to meet your taste. The casinos pacify game lovers, and the museums develop the interest of others. Beach games can always go right for everyone of any age, as there is much to do. 

Finding the best place to visit is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are heading down to the Jacksonville area for vacation, there are many free things to do in Jacksonville that will keep you and your family entertained.

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7 Best Places to Visit in Jacksonville FL

What are the 7 Best Places to Visit in Jacksonville Florida

It becomes challenging for a person to choose the top place to visit among many tourist attractions in Jacksonville. It calls for proper research, making it easy to find the right place to hang out to your taste. This blog guides the top places to visit, so you do not waste any precious fun vacation time. 

Here you go with some top picks you should consider visiting during your visit to Jacksonville.

Catty Shack Ranch

If you love animals and want to observe nature closely, Catty Shack Ranch would be the best place for you to visit in Jacksonville. The whole ranch is a conservation project to save the species of big cats, including leopards, tigers, and lions. These big cats from multiple habitats are brought to the ranch to protect them from inhuman activities and given a safe place to live where they can survive and reproduce. 

You can visit the ranch day or night. The volunteers will accompany you and help you be close to nature. Your day will be worth spending if the animals are in a wild interaction mood and show you the real side of the wildlife.

Catty Shack Ranch

The Cummer Museum Of Art And Gardens

The Cummer Museum Of Art And Gardens​

Cummer Museum of Art And Gardens is the best place for history lovers. The museum is a combination of nature and history. You can even find a 200-year-old Oak tree in the garden. The multiple arts and sculptures develop the interest of the tourists. 

You can visit the museum for free every first Saturday of the month. This calls to enjoy pocket-friendly recreation. This museum is also the best place to enjoy a picnic with the family. We can have a soothing cup of tea or coffee on the garden floors beside the river. The garden also has multiple species, which can serve the research work of Botany students.

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Friendship Fountain

If you love the thrill and enjoy iconic places, Friendship Fountain is the perfect sightseeing place for you. The high fountains provide a thrilling view, and the water spray gives a soothing feel. The fountain is embellished with various lights, adding up to the view. 

The fountain feels like heaven for the people during the hot summer days. The fountain is situated in the St. Johns River Park on the right side of the main street, making it easier to find it even for a newbie in Jacksonville.

Friendship Fountain​

TIAA Bank Field

TIAA Bank Field​

TIAA Bank Field is one of the main attractions for people who enjoy sports and other thrilling activities. The bank field comes with multiple options to have all the fun. It can cover up to over seventy thousand people. 

There are multiple game fields in the park TIAA Bank which helps you to practice sports and keep your mind and body fit and fresh. You can swim or play badminton and have a good sports day. There are also musical concerts arranged in the stadium so you can vibe and enjoy the music to the utmost level.

Beaches Town Center

A recreational trip is always at its peak with some good food. Jacksonville Beaches Town Center will be the best choice if you are looking for good food and drink. The hub is situated between two beaches which adds up to the view.

The Beaches Town Center is a great choice if you love to walk. There are well-lit pathways that help you to go for a soothing walk. You can enjoy a variety of food. There are also shopping options available in the Beaches Town Center, including clothing and other daily life stuff which you can buy for yourself or your loved ones as a present after your Jacksonville tour.

Beaches Town Center​

Florida Theatre

Florida Theatre​

Theatre drama is one of the oldest forms of art. As theatre drama is an ancient art, the theater has also become some fantastic historical buildings. There are a few recognized theatres as the historical state of the art, and the Florida Theatre is one of them. If you visit Jacksonville, Florida, theatre is one of the mandatory things to see in Florida.

The theater is the best place for you if you love art and drama. Florida Theatre hosts some fantastic drama and other art pieces. The vintage look of the theatre serves as a fantastic blend of history and art to leave a person in a mesmerizing moment.


Aqua Grill

If you love seafood and want to enjoy it while visiting Florida, Aqua Grill is a must-try place. The Aqua Grill is a fantastic sight with its indoor and outdoor sitting and riverfront. They will enhance your food experience with a fantastic ambiance.

You can order starters to platters. They have a variety of dishes and a fusion of multiple continental tastes, which one might enjoy. We can see the fish sizzle inside the kitchen with a large glass window and enjoy it even while waiting for food.

Last Thoughts

Plan your next destination in Florida you know all the 7 best places to visit in Jacksonville FL. Jacksonville is a city of beaches. You can find gaming zones worldwide, but the beaches and natural beauty are present only in a few, so it is better to focus on nature. 

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